Laser Dentistry

We don’t have sharks with lasers attached to their heads, but we do have lasers…

The future of laser dentistry

Laser dentistry is the future, but why? They can be used for many things in dentistry. Some of those things have a long way to go before we’d consider them “better” than traditional means. One procedure in which lasers are obviously better than traditional means is tongue-tie and lip-tie releases, aka a frenectomy.

Frenectomy Procedure

When a laser is used for a frenectomy procedure, it causes faster healing, significantly less bleeding and can be much more painless than use of a scalpel or scissors, the traditional method. With decreased healing time, patients are quick to experience the benefits of the procedure. The experience is much less scary for little ones, and treatment times are cut in half.

We love being able to offer the most advanced techniques and options for treatment to our patients.

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